PCIe switches in SSD Applications

Written on:January 13, 2015
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Data exchange which is based on PCIE technology has many different applications. This article provides a short video overview of some schemes wherein PCIE switches are used to create interconnections between hosts and SSD devices.

The review was prepared by employees of the company PLX Technologies, which is one of the world leaders in the development and production PCIE switches that are used most modern storage systems.

Here we consider several schemes where an access to SSD devices is provided via PCIE fabric:

  • One host and one set of SSD devices.
  • Two hosts and one set of SSD devices. This scheme is used in case of failure of one of the hosts. In this case, the second node will have access to SSD devices connected to the switch through the PCIE Non Transparent Port (NT Port).
  • Multiple hosts with virtual machines and multiple sets of SSD devices. An access to SSD devices can be divided as between hosts and as virtual machines on the hosts.
  • Two hosts, two sets of SSD devices and two PCIE fabrics.

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